Little People Dating Sites and Apps in Singapore

Little People Dating Sites



As per statistics, around 651,700+ people globally suffer from a condition called dwarfism. This is due to Achondroplasia, a disorder that affects bone growth. It affects the height of people, which is why they cannot grow over 4 feet 10 inches. Little people often face problems in the dating world. It is primarily because little people or midgets are usually overlooked. There is open discrimination, stigma, and prejudice against them.

However, countless dating sites and apps have been developed to cater to midgets. These sites are generally for dwarfs who wish to date others similar to them or average height people. However, you have to realize that little people dating sites will exhibit some differences from your regular dating sites.

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Little people behavioral tips

Little people are built differently, which is why they show different behaviour. They have been subjected to different treatment and matters their whole life and must have grown up in a completely different environment. This is why you need to make sure not to make them feel uncomfortable, especially regarding something as important as dating. They have a lot of concerns, some of which are addressed below.

Intimacy fear

People with dwarfism are often too self-conscious about their beauty and body. They also cannot be blamed as society’s perception has made them this way. Lack of self-confidence can lead to intimacy fear. Thus, it would help if you reinstated that they are not undesirable.

Dating issues

Lack of self-confidence also means that these people do not find themselves worthy of dating. This is especially during the case of midgets and average height people. They always look out for judgmental comments and stares. However, you have to make them believe that such pairings are normal and are nothing to be looked down upon.

Commitment issues

Little people are usually subjected to discrimination due to superficial things. It is uncommon for them to find someone who sees them for who they are and not their outer appearance, which they may find hard to believe. This is why they have commitment issues. Thus, you need to listen if someone unleashes their traumatic history, concerns, or issues. Moreover, you need to make them realize that connection and love are the most important constituents of a relationship.

Pregnancy concerns

People who suffer from the disorder Achondroplasia can have troubles during pregnancy. It is a condition where if both the parents have Achondroplasia, the child gets it too, and it might be fatal. There is also a concern regarding double Achondroplasia that might affect the fetus. If you are looking for long-term commitments, this might crop up as an issue. However, you have to be a good partner and let your partner know about other options such as adoption.

Do not use the m-word

Many little people consider the m-word or ‘midget.’ The term ‘dwarf’ is somewhat unacceptable as well. People mostly tend to use ‘little people.’ Moreover, they do not wish to be treated differently. You have to remember that we are trying to create a safe, friendly, and equal environment for these people. Thus, make sure to avoid this term in your conversations. Talk to them normally as you would with any other love interests devoid of disabilities and medical conditions.

What to look for in dating sites for little people?

We recommend you use professional and reputable dating sites and apps. It would be best if you looked into a lot of things before finalizing one. This is quite important for a few reasons. Firstly, good dating websites should have the option of an advanced search that sorts as per the height. Furthermore, it would be more appropriate if the option of dwarfism was listed. It shows an all-inclusive environment.

  • You will have the independence of choosing whether you want to date other fellow dwarfs or an average height person.
  • If you suffer from Achondroplasia and wish to find a potential partner to have kids with, this option will help you choose your preferred person.

A good dating site will also offer guidance and assistance to little people, including building self-confidence and dating advice.



There has been a sharp increase in the number of dating sites for little people with time. Choosing the right website is the first and most important step that you need to take. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to look into a lot of factors to determine the ideal site for you. After extensive research, we have found out that OkCupid is one of the best dating platforms for everyone, including little people.

This dating site is generally not preferable for people looking for a hookup. It is more data-oriented. In other words, it is a great site for people who wish for serious and long-term relationships.

It varies from popular sites such as Tinder and Bumble for majorly one reason. OkCupid asks and stores a lot of information about a user during the sign-up process. This covers confidential details such as political inclinations, religious views, etc. You can also choose to answer more questions for yet better results. Thus, the match suggestions are more up to the mark. This saves you the time you would have otherwise spent swiping thousands of fake profiles and meeting the wrong people.

Premium subscription

Unlike other dating platforms, the maximum features of this site can be accessed free of cost. Excitingly, you can effortlessly browse, swipe through and connect with the individuals for free. Thus, you will never realize that you can invest money for a better experience even after using it for a long time.

However, you get upgraded features with the premium subscription. This includes no ads, advanced search, read receipts option, ability to see who liked your profile, and many more.


As a little person yourself, you might feel like you have limited options. However, the community of little people is vast. As per statistics, most of them are still single and looking to mingle. These people require a safe and friendly space where their fears will be gone, and they genuinely enjoy communicating and meeting new people. At the end of the day, everyone is human and needs love, and little people don’t deserve to be deprived of these things based on mere height. Thus, try out the dating site listed above and have fun meeting new people.