eDarling Singapore Review 2023

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A more serious dating service

eDarling is a dating site that launched in Germany in 2008. The site is owned by the German company Spark Networks Services GmbH. eDarling is unique in that when you become a member of the site, you complete a personality test which then helps you find your perfect match. When you open a free account on the dating site, you get direct access to your personality profile, get partner suggestions, can send smiles and likes, and you get the opportunity to upload photos. eDarling is a site that suits you with slightly higher ambitions and that is looking for a serious relationship.


eDarling is the smart way to date and find love. It is a dating platform that only introduces you to singles who suit you. It facilitates your search and makes it systematic and easy for you to find the person who may be right for you. The site is also available as a dating app, which means that you have access to the service directly on your mobile. eDarling is also a very secure dating platform with careful control of profiles, good customer service and fraud filters – all to make you as a member feel safe and secure.

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The personality test named IdealPartner

eDarling’s personality test “IdealPartner” is unique when it comes to dating sites. It is designed in collaboration with psychologists and relationship researchers. When you take the test, you tell who you are by answering questions about, among other things, your way of communicating, your character and your attitude to relationships. Your test is then analyzed and compared with other members’ results. After that, you will see which members match your personality profile best. The test is to give a clear picture of who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.


You will then receive a list of suggestions for your matches and can then go in and read on their profiles. When you find someone who you find interesting, you send a message or a smile and hopefully, that message leads on to a love affair in the end. The personality test is what makes eDarling unique and what makes the site stand out in the crowd. The personality test is also the reason why the site’s results are so good and that they often succeed with their matches.

How the test works

The test consists of a total of 283 questions. When doing your test, a good tip is to think through your answers properly. It is also important, to be honest. The test takes about 25 minutes to complete and you can pause and go back if you do not have time to finish on the same day. The test is saved for 15 weeks before the information is deleted. Should you feel that the test is not correct at all, you can contact their customer service to repeat the test. If you have just taken the test, it is a good idea to wait until you have received your first matches; it may be that it is more true than you think. After the test is finished, you prepare your profile, with pictures and text, before you get your matches.

Discounts and pricing

eDarling has two different types of membership. The first is a so-called basic membership which is free and the second is a premium membership. For you to be able to make full use of the site and have the best chance of finding a partner, a premium membership is recommended. You can of course start with basic membership to test the site and its features. With the basic membership, you also have the opportunity to do your personality test, create a profile and receive matches.

Premium membership

When you then upgrade, you get full access to all functions, including up to 20 extra partner proposals every day. You also get access to the smart app so you can keep track of your matches directly on the phone. eDarling uses a progressive pricing model, which means that your monthly price will be lower the longer you commit.

Common complaints about eDarling

The most common complaint about eDarling is that you do not have access to as many features in the free version. eDarling also has quite high prices, which means that it is not available for all wallets. The site also has a slightly smaller proportion of members compared to other similar services on the market. Some people have complained that they can not search for matches themselves. On the other hand, the point of the site is that you should be matched with the people who best suit your personality. Not the ones you choose yourself at first glance.