Dating Sites for Academics in Singapore

Dating Sites for Academics



Today, it is becoming more common to start dating online. It is easy to understand because there are many benefits as we live busy lives and do not have much time to date offline. It may feel strange if this is the first time you are going to sign up for a dating site, but everyone there is just like you, they are looking for someone to share their life and experiences with.

Something that is constantly repeated, is that supposedly all the best ones are already taken. Of course, that’s not true. You just have not met the one who is your best for you yet. Your great love may just be a click away.

⭐ Best sites to meet academics

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  • 💘 Good personality test
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Online dating can open up a world of new possibilities

It may sound strange, even strange, to sit and fill in what criteria you have for your future partner. The thing is, it’s very time efficient. When you meet someone out at a museum or maybe in the queue at the grocery store, it is usually the physical you are attracted to, without really knowing how you will fit together. You also do not know if you even have the same values. It can be very boring, even time consuming to go on many first dates which then does not lead to anything more. If you choose to try a dating site, you will waste less time.

You are looking for the same thing

It is also the case that the people you get in touch with via different dating sites are there for the same reason, they want to find someone they fit in well with. This applies both when it comes to interests, place of residence and more, but also when it comes to career and life goals. By answering some questions online about yourself and what you are looking for, you save a lot of time as you can choose the type of profile you are interested in. On many pages, you are presented with different profiles that the page has matched you with based on their personality test, what you are looking for, interests, goals in life and other things.

Scientifically designed tests

Many sites today offer users to do tests, which means that you only see profiles that match your own. Most sites create their tests with the Five-Factor theory of different personalities as a base. It assumes that we all have different personality traits where five factors, in particular, control our personalities. They are, very briefly, mainly about:

  • Openness – Interest, receptivity to new emotions, ideas, fantasies, art experiences and abstract things. Its opposite is disinterest in new things and experiences, conservative views and attitudes.
  • Conscientiousness – Willingness to perform, self-discipline, fidelity, diligence and thoughtfulness. Its opposite is frivolity: Irresponsible, impulsive, lazy and indifferent.
  • Extraversion – Outgoing, confident, thrill-seeking, positive emotions. Its opposite is introversion: closed-mindedness, interest in the abstract and theoretical.
  • Attentiveness – Compassion, willingness to cooperate, helpfulness. Its opposite is suspicion, cynicism, irritation directed at others.
  • Neuroticism – If you are prone to anxiety, depression, anger, impulses, stress sensitivity and vulnerability. Its opposite is emotional stability: security, trust and control.

Is it an accepted theory?

The five-factor theory is widely recognized, it is also used by companies and recruiters to find the right person for the right job, so it is no wonder that dating sites use it to match people with each other.

Dating sites sometimes use scientifically designed personality tests to be able to offer you the best matches possible. This way, you know that the people you get in touch with through their sites already meet the criteria you have and are the best matches based on personality and interests.

Different sites and what they offer

Today there are many different types of dating sites so it is not easy to know which site is best for you. What you should think about is whether you are looking for a serious relationship or not and if you only want to get suggestions for profiles that match yours or if you want to be able to choose for yourself what type of profile you are looking for. However, it is not as complicated as it first sounds.

Here I will try to help you find the right one by explaining what some of the most common sites have to offer. – Fits everyone is among the first dating services in the world. They have a good gender distribution, 55% men and 45% women and the age of the members varies even though the largest age group is 25-55 years. They have many members and their users are very active on the site. You can use Match both via the browser on your computer or via their app.

Most members of Match are looking for something more serious hence they have good and detailed profiles.


Target group

If you want to be able to customize your search results even more or make your profile more personal, there are different things you can do. They have a survey called Matchify where you can answer various questions and statements. Some issues may be more superficial while others may be more intimate. On Match, you can also choose to set your profile in two different modes.

One is called Incognito, it allows you to be anonymous when you visit other people’s profiles and you are only seen by the profiles you are interested in. The second mode is called Zen, it allows you to be contacted only by the profiles that meet your criteria. It is for you to get as good and personal a match as possible.


It is free to register and use Match. You can buy a subscription that allows you to use more features on the site and you can use it without restrictions.


  • Large selection.
  • Members of many different ages.
  • Detailed profiles.


  • The free version is quite limited.
  • Maybe not for you who are looking for something more temporary.

EliteSingles – For ambitious people


EliteSingles gender distribution is very even, 52% men and 48% women. Here, the average age is a little higher, most members are between 30-55 years old and highly educated. You can use Elite Singles both via browser or as an app. Their members are primarily looking for serious and long-term relationships.

They have a great personality test that is based on the Five-Factor theory and it is the most comprehensive test in the dating industry. It takes a while to get started and answer all the questions to get a complete profile but it is for you to be able to get as good matches as possible. In this way, you only see profiles that you fit in with and do not have to sit and look and read through different profiles that may not be what you are looking for.


Target group

You can divide it up and answer the questions in rounds, this way you have time to think through the answers and can complete your profile when it suits you. The name may sound somewhat controversial but it is actually about them marketing themselves in a certain way to attract a certain type of singles to their site. This is also noticeable in their prices for premium membership, which are without a doubt the most expensive among the sites I have compared. However, of course, everyone is welcome to become a member of the site, it is not the case that you need a certain education or income to become a member.


You can use the site for free, but to get access to all extra functions you can pay for a premium membership.


  • All matches are personal.
  • Good and detailed profiles.


  • Most expensive dating site on this list.
  • Very limited free version.

Academic Singles – For educated singles


Academic Singles gender distribution is even, 45% men and 55% women. According to their statistics, the majority of their members are between 35-54 years old. You can use the page both via the website and as an app.

Just like with Elite Singles, Academic Singles also has a fairly comprehensive personality test that you must complete to create your profile. It’s for the same reason, you can only see other profiles that match your own. When you go to a profile, you can see what the person values ​​in a relationship. There is also a graph that shows how well you fit together in different areas. It can be about whether the person makes decisions based on emotions or logic, whether closeness or freedom is most important and whether the person is innovative or traditional.


Target group

They are primarily aimed at you who are looking for a long-term and serious relationship and they place great emphasis on your personality. If you are looking for something more easy or temporary, Academic Singles may not be the right site for you.


It’s completely free to create an account and become a member but you need a premium account to use all the features on the site. Like many other sites, the price is lower the longer you sign up for.


  • All matches are personal.
  • Good profiles with a lot of information.


  • Takes some time to create a profile.

C-Date – Casual dating


C-date was founded in 2008. The gender distribution is very even, 48% men and 52% women. As you may understand from their name, they are primarily aimed at those who want a more spontaneous, casual date. Although C-date is more focused on letting people get to know each other spontaneously and openly, many have met and fallen in love via the site, so you can find love there.

You can find both the love of your life or a temporary sexual contact if that is what you are looking for. You can use C-date both through their website and through their app. Registering on their site is quick and easy, you also do not have to answer a lot of questions about yourself as on other sites. They also place great emphasis on their safety so that you will feel safe even if you are not looking for something serious.

Target group

One thing that distinguishes C-date from other sites is that women automatically become premium members when they register, but men have to pay to access all the features. According to C-date, it is to keep rogue men away from the side and for women to feel safe.


The prices depend on how long you sign up for, but in general C-Date is a bit more expensive than other sites on this list.


  • Quick registration.
  • Good site if you are not looking for a serious relationship.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Been accused of fake profiles.
  • Can be perceived as unserious if you are looking for a solid relationship.

Is it safe to date online?

Yes, it is. All of these sites are serious dating sites that are very concerned about your safety. This means that they do not endorse fake profiles, so the members you get in touch with are verified by one of their employees. It also means that your personal information is safe with them. Most sites have people who manually approve both profiles and photos.

Regardless, you should never give out your information to anyone on the internet that you have never met. If you feel that you want to take it a step further than just writing or chatting with the person you matched with, most dating sites offer video calls through their sites. This way you can talk and see the person via video. Then you can get to know them better before you decide if you want to give out your phone number.

Are all dating sites just for finding a serious relationship?

No. Although many dating sites are primarily aimed at those who are looking for a stable relationship, many people are looking for other things. Some use dating sites to get to know new friends while others are looking for more casual contacts. Some sites are a niche within it.


Can I find true love through a dating site?

Yes, you can. As more and more sites enter the industry, so does the demand from customers. You can, among other things, customize the type of profile you are looking for. Research also shows that couples who have met online do not differ as often as those who have met offline.

How do I create an attractive profile on a dating site?

Write a short and personal presentation where you tell who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. Tell us about your interests and your personality. Be honest when filling in your profile. Think about the spelling and grammar. Choose a good profile picture that is not blurred and vary your pictures. The most important thing is that you above all should just be your true self.

As an academic, should I become a member of a site that is geared towards academics?

It depends on what you are looking for and hoping to find. If it is important for you that the person you get to know is also an academic, it is a good idea to become a member of a site that is targeting academics. If, on the other hand, you do not care so much about what the other person is doing for a living, it does not matter if it is aimed at academics or not.

Can anyone contact me on a dating site?

No. You can also always choose who you want to be able to contact and be able to see your profile. Often you can also be completely anonymous in incognito mode when you visit another member’s profile. If you are a member of a site that has personal matches, only the members who match your profile can contact you, for example, no one can search for your profile with your name.